Beyond hosting, a new trade

Titan carries an innovative view on hosting, a view that will become the new reference in France and internationally. Our skill range, respect of best practices and will to stay at the cutting edge of technology form the basis of a new quality standard to better serve your company.

The highest level of requirements is no longer to be found abroad
The Titan project is founded on excellence values and a constant optimization of our solutions. This is why our datacenter will be entirely redundant in 2N+1 to insure a 99,995% availability and reach for the highest certifications available in the sector.
The elements needed for the exploitation of the Titan datacenter, located in Mougins (Alpes-Maritimes), are entirely redundant. The conception of our installations insures the "fault tolerance" of the architecture : however sever a technical issue may be the availability of our servers is never interrupted.
The construction of this datacenter is supported by investments from institutions and prestigious European business partners. It is a strong sign of their trust in this project and of our financial stability.

Much more than hosting : a high added value service
Data manager for your company, Titan transcends its hosting activity to offer you a management service, to assist and accompany you in all your challenges.
Your data's value is inseparable from its utilization, that is why our trade is not limited to hosting. We implement softwares and processes to insure their exploitation in optimal availability conditions, by adhering to the most rigorous reliability and speed requirements.
Our data management service also includes the virtualization of your servers and the implementation of shared interfaces. Depending on your needs our solutions can be interfaced with an existing system or complete complex SI systems.

Invested in a IT service process, we aim for excellence in terms of reactivity and proximity. An in-depth study of your specificities allows us to anticipate your needs and offer you safe and innovative solutions.