Our vision : to stay at the cutting edge of innovation

Technologies, just like your needs, are constantly evolving. Titan's course of action is clear  to master the hosting sector's present challenges and anticipate those to come with its experienced and dynamic RD team. Our engineers' goal being to constantly improve our infrastructures to provide you with the most cutting edge solutions.

Our major assets : our team spirit and the passion behind it, but also the community on which we rely to insure a long term emulation.

Ensure your data's availability

We think that the digitalization part of a company's activity is bound to grow, and more so every day. The quantity of data you have to manage is constantly multiplied while their value explode. There was a time when your company collected data, but this time has gone : today those data are your company.

As such they deserve the most secure environment possible and a total availability to allow for the most effective exploitation. The staff is present on-site 24/7, at the heart of an ultra securized compound.

Your data are an essential part of the French and European intelligence, to which your company is fully participating. It is of the foremost importance for those data to be exclusively handled by national or European operators.

Assure outsourcing as a solution for the future

We think that the externalization and availability of your data are bound to become unavoidable. In your data's chain of treatment the most important element is the weakest link. The safest datacenter would not be able to make up for a human mistake or a treatment incident.

However, and in spite of ever growing costs, most companies manage their data internally, depriving themselves of the RD capacities and mutualised updates of a datacenter. We think that in order to face the challenges born from the evolution of data consumption, externalization will more and more become an evidence for companies at the forefront of information systems.

Take the control back with virtualization

We think that the "all harware" age is past. Power, security and added value moved from material to immaterial. Virtualization multiplies creativity and innovation while shortening implementation delays for solutions and settings. Titan offers you this newly found fluidity with all the potential and vast range of services made possible by this evolution.

Our shared interfaces, accessible and powerful, put you in the heart of virtualization. Therefore giving you back the control to exploit your data.

Limit our environmental impact and make you save money

We think that sustainable development has to be put in terms of concrete actions that are profitable to our clients. Thanks to Titan's technological expertise our datacenter records amazing PUE scores (Power Usage Effectiveness, with a ~1.18 ratio). The building is in agreement with the GBC recommandations (Green Building Council).

Those energy savings will profit to our clients above all, with more competitive pricings, while insuring the respect of an eco-responsible ethic for our children.